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From a newsgroup posting.

> I have installed VisionFS 1.20.907 on a SCO 5.0.4 Enterprise system.
> I cannot find any information in the manuals that came with the
> server. 

The complete VisionFS manual (pdf format) can be downloaded from http://www.sco.com/vision/eval/manuals.html. The parts of VisionFS configurable from the Unix command line can be shown using $VISION/bin/visionfs --help.

From a newsgroup posting.

> but cannot get connected on the NT 4 workstation with
> \\[servername]\visiontools - it keeps asking for a password and
> won't accept the one I have given it above.

When you run \\servername\visiontools what user and password do you enter at the prompt? What windows and Unix users have been configured to be administrators? ($VISION/bin/visionfs status).

What happens when you run the following command from a DOS box in NT:

net use * \\servername\visiontools /user:

Does it connect?

> I thought I would be getting the newer version of VisionFS with 5.0.4 with
> improved functions not the old version. Yet I cannot put on VisionFS 2
> on 5.0.4 - I have tried. 

You also asked about VisionFS v2.01. You can get the software to install v2.01 from the following locations:

\vfsos5 on the Vision97 1.3 CD http://www.sco.com/vision/eval/software.html (Select 5.04+).

These files come in tar format that unpack into VOL files installable through the OpenServer 5.04 Software Manager. To use the software however, you must upgrade the VisionFS licenses that come with the OpenServer distribution. These licenses are only good for VisionFS 1.2 and version 2.0 will only install as a 30 day evaluation.

The file on the server which holds the VisionFS config is /usr/vision/vfsprofile/current.prf

Note :- Support is not given on VisionFS if you have edited this file manually and not through the profile editor.

example :-

This line holds the admin users.
Your best bet is to create something though the profile editor and then see what it changed in this file, that way you can do the same manually next time.

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