How is my machine configured?

Unix machines can be configured in many ways and still work. While the configuration may not always be done correctly things work - when there is a problem you have to wander through configuration files and hope you spot the problem - but which files?

Here is a script that will look at the common files, run some Open Source programs and produce one file with the conf information in it. As this is a shell script it is easy to add in items specific to your needs. This version will run with Xenix, SCO Unicc 3.2v4 and SCO OpenServer.

On our production machines this script is run via cron once a month and the resulting files compressed and uuto'ed to a central server.

The version here will send the results via e-mail to the address specified at the top of the script.

Feel free to hack/change as you require.

Save this link setup.sh as a file, change the mailto variable and away you go.

If present setup.sh will use the following Open Source SOftware to give more information.

Comments and suggestions always welcome - tom@tkrh.demon.co.uk