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General Support Resources.

  • SCO Support Page
  • Caldera Support Page
  • Internet Security Resources
  • SCO Technical Article Search Center
  • Caldera Knowladge Base
  • Online Information Index.
  • SCO Support toolbox
  • Hardware Compatibility Lookup.
  • Caldera Bug Report and Tracking Form.
  • SCO FTP Archive.

    SLS and Patch Details

  • Supplements Available List.
  • OSR5 Patch Index. - html format
  • Support SSL Supplements Area.
  • Vision FTP site
  • Minimum Patch List.

    Products and Registration

  • What are the current Caldera products?
  • OpenServer and Other Part Numbers
  • Caldera Registration Page
  • Register page for 'Free' Unix

    SCO Online Man Pages and Docs.

  • OSR 5 On-Line Manual
  • Internet Products (PPP/Netscape) Online Manual.
  • Online Man Pages. - Man pages for all products
  • UW7 SCOhelp. - UW7 Unixware 7 docs and man pages
  • Release notes for 'Free Unix'
  • Vision2K manuals (Ahhh PDF format only)


  • Skunkware. - SCO freeware ported software archive
  • Freeware Links. - Other Open Source Software Available.
  • Free Unix - Copy of OpenServer / Unixware for free.
  • Termlite - Windows Terminal Emulator
  • Free Software Updates.


  • Seti Home Page
  • Release Dates for SCO Software

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