Calling a Windows Application from Terminal screen

If you are using a character based application it would be nice to call a Windows 95 program to perform certain tasks. Many of the Terminal Emulators on the market have the ability to run a Windows application be sending ESCape sequences from the host.

I recently upgraded our applications help files and converted over to HTML, using a character based browser lynx it was possible to view these on all screen - but IE4 or Netscape would be easier to use and make the help more presentable.

Looking at some of the emulators here are the ESC sequences that allow this to take place.

Note: With some of the emulators (Powerterm, Tun), if the command you are running contains spaces you must enclose the command in quotes. Additionally, you have to watch the backslash (\), in some cases protect it e.g. \\ or you can get away with using a forward slash (/) in path names. The commands below do work, you may need to tweak a little depending on the language you are using.

SCO Termvision (Version 2.10)


Note: This version of Termvision comes with Vision2K, I could not get the earlier version (2.02) to work.

ESC [ 0 ~ p <command> ESC \
ESC ESC X "<command>"
Example: ESC ESCX"c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe http://netbox/"ESC\

Anita (Version 4.0.0)

ESC [1;5y<command> ESC \
Example: ESC[1;5yc:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe http://netbox/ESC\

AnzioWin (Version 12.0w)

\034LAUNCH <command>\035
Example: \034LAUNCH "c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe" http://netbox/\035

Powerterm 320 (Version 3.06.01)

ESC[Ptexec "<command>" ESC \
Example: ESC[Pt exec "\"C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore\" http://netbox/" ESC \

Esker Tun (Version 10.0)

ESC ESC X "<command>"
Example: ESC ESCX"c:/program files/internet explorer/iexplore.exe http://netbox/"
There are many other emulators out there, this list is not complete by any means. This should allow you to get started, any comments suggestions etc. please mail me at tom@tkrh.demon.co.uk.