Frequently Used Software

XC Comms software ftp://ftp.jpr.com
Kermit File Transfer http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/
MUTT E-Mail reader http://www.mutt.org/
FTP: ftp://ftp.guug.de/pub/mutt/
ELM E-Mail reader http://www.instinct.org/elm/
FTP: ftp://ftp.virginia.edu/pub/elm/
Smail - MTA Replacement for sendmail FTP: ftp://ftp.planix.com/pub/Smail/
Exim - MTA Replacement for sendmail/smail? http://www.exim.org/
catdoc - Utility for read MS Word documents and extracting the text http://www.fe.msk.ru/~vitus/catdoc/"
Lynx - Character based WWW browser Home Page: http://lynx.isc.org/release/
Links: http://www.trill-home.com/lynx.html
GNU Site http://www.gnu.ai.mit.edu/home.html

Comments and suggestions always welcome - tom@tkrh.demon.co.uk