Misc Information

This document contains some small scripts that may come in handy


I have filesystem image and want to extract something from it or check that it is OK. Also handy for loading btld disks without copying them onto a floppy.

With the case of burning a CD : Assuming the mkisofs image is stored in /u/cd/tom.raw then:

     marry -a /u/tom/raw
        This will create the dev node /dev/marry/u/tom/raw
     Now mount the device as normal e.g.
        mount /dev/marry/tom.raw /mnt

I have a btld.img file, I don't have access to the floppy drive, how can I install it?

     Copy the image file to say /tmp
     marry -a /tmp/btld.img	            # Create the device nodes
     mount /dev/tmp/btld.img /mnt       # Mount it on /mnt
     Now do what you like with the contents of /mnt
     The most common command would be    /etc/btldinstall /mnt
       to install one or more packages.

Use marry -l to list and marry -d to delete.

Checking for Background Processing

How can I check to see if a particular script is running in the forground or Background?.

From: comp.unix.sco.misc, 27th Apr 1999, John DuBois

    if { </dev/tty; } 2>/dev/null ; then
       echo "running in forground"
       echo "running in background"

Comments and suggestions always welcome -