Notes on configuring Unix servers for PremierVet

Revision Date: Tue Nov 2 23:02:45 GMT 1999

Machine Names and IP Addresses

System Name should be no longer than 7 characters and unique on the Edinburgh PremierVet server. Please check with Edinburgh before issuing a name - do not use, vet, vet1, scosysv, dbasics, pvet etc.

Domain - Put the server in the 'uucp' domain unless the client has a registered domain already.

I.P. Addresses - There are IP addresses that are reserved for "private" use -- you can use these addresses so long as they're only used internally to your network. RFC 1918 defines these addresses; they are: - - -

If you use "", and so forth, for the internal systems, you'll never have an IP address conflict with a real, registered network.

The latest utility CD will automatically allocate a pool of IP addresses for dial-in ppp in the range XX.XX.XX.150 - XX.XX.XX.160 do not allocate those to internal machines/routers etc.


We use UUCP for pro-active monitoring and cross updating as such the remote server MUST be capable of sending and receiving files NOT just dial in. The files needing checking are:

This contain the modem devices, there should be at least one line:

ACU ttyxxA - Speed Dialer e.g. ACU tty1A - 57600 /usr/lib/uucp/atdialMT

This contains the names of the remote machines. and for Edinburgh this should be:

bdsedin Any ACU Speed 01315563480 ogin: nuucp

Where Speed is the highest you can get away with, start at 57600 and work down.
This Speed MUST be the same in inittab, Systems and Devices.

Line Access We need the modems to dial Edinburgh periodically, as such all effort should be made to ensure this is possible before leaving site. Options in prefered order:

  1. Direct Line - Dial in/out no action required
  2. Swipe Line (share) - Generally treat as direct line, may need cron job to disable when bank dials in.
  3. Fax Line (share) - Set the modem to answer after 5 rings - if access is required - switch off fax.
  4. Telephone/Fax Line (share) - Disable the port - access is via the ct command. One of the above must be implemented. Leaving the modem un-plugged and having to phone prior to access is NOT an acceptable option.

    Note: Remember to check if you need to prefix the number with a code for an outside line e.g. 9, 41, 42, 91 etc. (add this to the site numbers in /usr/lib/uucp/Systems).
    Test before you leave.

    Some Modem Don'ts

    • Comment out the ACU line in Devices
    • Forget to change /etc/conf/init.d/.... when changing /etc/inittab
    • Use the lowercase port e.g. tty2a, tty1a use the modem port e.g. tty2A, tty1A
    • Use a fixed speed gettydef token
    • Muck around with enable/disable in scripts or crontab
    • Don't set it to 9,600 baud because it is the 'easy option'.
    • Leave the modem switched off/unplugged

Modem Dialer:

We prefer using atdialer, to do this:

Windows PC's

If Windows PC's are being connected onto the system you should at a minimum: