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  • SCO VisionFS 1.2
  • SCO VisionFS 2.01
  • SCO Termlite

    SCO VisionFS Release 1.2

    SCO VisionFS(TM) is an easy-to-use file and print server for Windows clients. SCO VisionFS provides seamless connectivity between SCO OpenServer and Windows clients, using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.

    For the latest information on this release of SCO VisionFS, see the Release Notes file Release Notes.

    To install:

    Use the version of VisionFS on the OSR 5.0.4 CD only.

    1. Use the Software Manager to install SCO VisionFS. Select Software -> Install New. For Media Device, select Media Images. Enter the Image Directory. If the CD-ROM is mounted on /mnt, enter:


    2. Set up the SCO Vision License Services using the recommended default settings.

    3. Follow the screen prompts to set up SCO VisionFS.

    4. When prompted, enter the SCO VisionFS license from the license certificate supplied in the SCO OpenServer product box.
    The server starts automatically without rebooting the system.


    1. After installation, use Windows help to access SCO VisionFS help files. These files provide information on configuration, troubleshooting, and licensing. To access the Release Notes from a Windows client, open the file README.vfs in the default VisionFS share.

    2. SCO VisionFS 1.2 automatically upgrades earlier versions of VisionFS. The existing configuration is saved and reused. You do not need to remove the earlier version.

    3. SCO VisionFS uses a NetBIOS that is not compatible with LAN Manager Client or Advanced File and Print Server. If Advanced File and Print Server is already installed, stop the server and the NetBIOS before installing VisionFS. From a UNIX command line, enter:

      net stop server
      netbios stop

    4. SCO VisionFS 1.2 installs only on SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.4 or later. Use uname -X to determine the SCO OpenServer release number.

    SCO TermLite For OpenServer 5.0.4

    Welcome to SCO TermLite, the lightweight Windows(tm) terminal emulator from SCO provided as part of SCO OpenServer 5.0.4. SCO TermLite provides access to SCO OpenServer systems from Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT clients.


    To install SCO TermLite use one of the following methods:

    1. insert this CD into your Windows client and run setup.exe in this directory.
    2. copy this directory onto a floppy, insert into client and run a:setup.
    3. ftp the contents of this directory from OpenServer to a folder on your Windows client machine and again run setup.exe.
    4. share the contents of this directory so that it can be seen from a Windows client. This may involve using SCO AFPS, SCO VisionFS or by using NFS exports if your Windows client supports an NFS client. Then run setup.exe on your Windows client machine.

    License Number Information

    During installation of SCO TermLite you will be asked for a license number. The number is located in the file 'Serial.txt' included in the download.


  • Emulations of SCO ANSI and VT320 terminals
  • Connection using TCP/IP (Windows Sockets) or NetBIOS(LAN Manager) network protocols
  • Sharing of data between Windows applications and remote applications
  • Configuration through Windows dialog boxes
  • Colors can be specified for the screen background and text
  • The ability to print the screen contents on a Windows printer
  • Windows-style copy and paste
  • Hot links to other Windows applications
  • Most recently connected host list
  • Context sensitive online help

    For more information visit the SCO TermLite home page at: http://www.vision.sco.com/termlite/home/

    Comments and suggestions always welcome - tom@tkrh.demon.co.uk