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Tom's collection of Bits and Pieces


Useful Sites

  • Links to SCO resources
  • Ported software archive by Bill Campbell.
  • Seti@home
  • Deep Thought's FTP Archives
  • Tony Lawrence.
      Unix tips and articles.
  • J.P. Radley's FTP Site
     (Home of xc and xt)
  • Jeff Lieberman's SCO Page
  • Open Source Links
  • Frequently Asked Questions - SCO
  • List of other FTP sites.
  • Programmer FAQ
  • Home Sites for some great programs
  • Supplier Sites

    Backup products
    (Don't leave home without them)
  • Cactus / LoneTar Home Page
  • Microlite Home Page Support DataBase
  • I/O
  • Stallion Home Page Documentation
  • Specialix/Chase Home Page Tech FAQ
  • Terminal Emulators
  • FacetTerm Home and Technical Notes
  • Anita
  • Anzio
  • Preformance
  • SARCHECK performance tuning

  • Guides from all over that have been helpfull

    +  Indicated this guide lives on this server. )
    Many of the local guides are from postings on comp.unix.sco.misc a very useful resource - Thank you to everyone who contributes.


    HTML / WWW





    Test Yourself

    Windows 95 / 98


    Backup / Tar / CPIO / Edge

    Installation Guides

    General Stuff

    TroubleShooting Guides

    (Links to OpenServer Manual Pages)

  • System Admin Guide and handbook
  • Login and Security
  • Printers
  • UUCP
  • System Startup
  • System Level
  • NT Misc Tips  +