PPP dial in


This came from a news group posting - I have lost who posted it - sorry. If you know who wrote it I will add that in.

If you were trying to get Windoze to dial in to your 504 or 505 box then
you will want to do some DUN Scripting on the Windoze side. However, I
have just monkeyed with a 505 box and there now is auto detection of
incomming PPP calls done via -s option to getty and a file called
/etc/gettyacts. This can negate the need for scripting on the Windoze
side. I don't know if that was available in 504 but it works like a
charm in 505. 
Try this for auto PPP from Windoze to 505 SCO PPP:
-add a user such as "genppp" with home directory of /usr/lib/ppp and
shell of /usr/lib/ppp/ppp

-add the following to /etc/ppphosts:
*genppp remote=+generic filter=default flow=rtscts accm=0 auth=pap

-add the following to /etc/ppppool (where NETWORK is something like
generic         NETWORK.100:NETWORK.101\

- add specific user names and passwords in /etc/pppauth such as
  (and also specify those in your Windoze DUN connect screen):
kenwolff	pppking

- create /etc/gettyacts with (ownership bin,group bin,modes 440):
PPP:/usr/lib/ppp/ppp:-u genppp:0x7e

- change your modem getty line in /etc/inittab (also
/etc/conf/init.d/) and add "-s20" (that's 20 tenths of a second or
2 seconds - the man pages incorrectly say it is seconds):
Se2A:234:respawn:/etc/getty -s20 tty2A modem

- then have pppd re-examine the configuration files and get the new
getty flag in operation:
# disable tty2A; enable tty2A
# kill -1 `cat /etc/pppd.pid`

This works with 95 & 98 DUN. 

Comments and suggestions always welcome - tom@tkrh.demon.co.uk