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  • Custom from the command line
  • Where custom+ hides its lock file


    Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 15:31:43 -0800
    From: "A Sco Person" <person@sco.com>
    To: Tom Melvin 
    Subject: Re: Proposed SLS for Y2K 502/504
    On Tue, 16 Feb, 1999, Tom Melvin sed:
    > Been looking over the machines I will have to upgrade when the Y2K patch
    > for 5.0.2 and 5.0.4 will be released in a few months time.
    > I am not looking forward to upgrading 300 odd machines :-)
    > Can I just ask that when you are looking at the packaging of the patch
    > you (SCO) can provide some documentation on doing a command line line
    > install e.g. not using custom interactivly.
    Hmmm, we've not done such a thing in the past, but I don't see any reason why a section on installing from the command-line couldn't be added to the cover letter - I'll pass your request on to the person who will be doing the packaging of that supplement (which thankfully won't be me :-)

    The only problem I forsee is that its a different procedure for 5.0.2 & 5.0.4, but we're going to have to split the instructions anyways, since its different from the GUI too.

    FYI, the way one does such things is:

    custom -i -p SCO:Supplement::rs505a -z /path/to/dir/with/vol/files

    The only tricky bit is to figure out what the -p arg should be. For a given supplement, you can get the exact string(s) to pass to the -p arg by doing something like:

    cpio -itv -I VOL.000.000 | \
        sed -n '/opt\/P\/SCO/s!.*opt/P/SCO/\([^/]*\)/\([^/]*\).*!SCO:\1::\1!p'
    (or by manually looking at the cpio listing and knowing that opt/P/SCO/SLS/oss497a.BETA/... means that SCO:SLS::oss497a.BETA is the string).

    Would someone tell me where custom+ hides its lock file so I won't have to keep rebooting everytime this thing fails.

    Please change the reference to SCO OS 5.0.2 with the one related to the 5.0.x version you're using:

    (Note - this does not seem to apply to 5.0.5)

    === cut here ===
    The lock file is:   /var/opt/K/SCO/Unix/5.0.2Dp/custom/client.lock
    Move this file aside and you can run as many Software Managers (custom)
    as you like.
    === cut here ===

    Comments and suggestions always welcome -