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  • /etc/hosts

    Enable your host BOOTP and TFTP server

    Bootp -D option

    If you seem to be getting no responce from bootp, you can add the debug option (-D) to the command line in /etc/inetd.conf. This will cause various messages to be logged in /usr/adm/syslog. e.g.

      bootps	dgram	udp	wait	root	/etc/bootpd	bootpd -D

    Verify a working TFTP

    The following test will let you know if TFTP is working on your host. The test will copy a file from your /tftpboot directory to your /tmp directory. For step "c", substitute FILENAME for a file in /tftpboot. If the test fails, refer to your hosts UNIX documentation.

    Run the following commands:

             cd /tmp                    <enter>
             tftp localhost             <enter>
             tftp> get FILENAME         <enter>
             tftp> <Control-d>          <enter>
             ls                         <enter>

    Comments and suggestions always welcome - tom@tkrh.demon.co.uk